Berlin – First stop of my InterRailing trip

Day 1 – Wednesday 10th June

Berlin was actually our first step of our interrailing trip. We arrived on Wednesday 10th June 2015 at 9:35am and were planning on staying for 2 nights. After taking a rather long time finding out how to use the very simple train system from the Schonefeld airport to the hostel, we finally made it. With our huge rucksacks in our bags and another bag on our front – we arrived at the Industriepalast Hostel Berlin. We shared a standard 8 bed female dorm, which was actually much nicer than expected.

We dropped our bags off and wasted no time in exploring this hipster city. We started off by reserving our train ticket to Prague to make sure we get a good seat. On our way back, we walked past the Capital Beach Bar. We ordered some Pepsi and just soaked in the sun and people watched.


We then to the 4pm walking tour which covered all the main sites. It gave us a great introduction to Berlin and went into the city’s history rather comprehensively. We were both really impressed with Sandeman New Berlin Tours as a introductory guide and to get your bearings. They meet at Brandenburg Gate every day. We swathe place where Michael Jackson held his baby over the balcony – Hotel Adlon, where all the embassies are located and also where Hitler died (which is somewhere you could just walk past if you are unaware). It’s a 2.5 hour walk. By the end of the tour – we were just knackered and decided to stay in and mingle with the people at the hostel. I had a great first day in berlin.


Day 2 – Thursday 11th June

We woke up, got ready and then made our way to Tiergarten to have breakfast there. We bought some sandwiches and fruit and made our way to the park opposite Brandenburg Gate. It was so peaceful and clean! The weather was also perfect which made it much more enjoyable. After walking around for ages looking for some sort of table – we gave in and ate on a tree log. Breakfast always taste so much more sweeter when you eat it outside. We then walked to the Holocaust memorial to take some pictures as we were unable to during the walking tour. After snapping away, we made our way to Reichstag where we had a tour booked for the dome. We took ta large glass elevator to the top of the building and wandered out into the roof terrace. We then began the walking tour as we walked up and then down the spiral ramp to the top of the dome. It has beautiful views of the city.


Afterwards, we decided to go to Badeschiff (literally meaning ‘bathing ship’) to take a dip and sunbake, all to a background of chilled DJ tunes. Arriving just after noon to nab on one of the hotly contested deckchairs on the boardwalk, spent the next few hours alternating between our sun-kissed spot and the sky-blue 32m pool. We also met some Palestinian and Lebanese guys there whilst sunbathing. We talked and chilled before Hannah and I made our way back to the hostel. We had a quick shower before heading to Freiluftkino Kreuzberg – the oldest open air cinema in Berlin (1994) and also one of the most famous ones! We watched a movie called Jack, which is a German movie with English subtitles. We just had such a good day and the pen air cinema topped it all off. By this point, we really didn’t want to go home!


Day 3 – Friday 12th June

We were travelling to Prague at 2pm so we woke up relatively early, ate some breakfast, packed our bags and then made our way to East Side Gallery. We walked for 1.3km along Muhlenstrave – the section of the Berlin Wall that still stands. What I loved about this wall is the what once a symbol of oppression, separation, persecution and disunity has been re-purposed and pained over with creativity and beauty. It’s the largest open-air gallery in the world. We took a while taking pictures and soaking it all in before chilling by the river for our train. I remember thinking on the trip to Prague that I absolutely loved Berlin, but would love to come back one day to experience the festivals/ night life. Even though its not a beautiful city like Prague or Budapest – it is very edgy.

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