Visiting the Reichstag Dome

Your visit to Berlin will not be complete without a visit to one of its most famous buildings – the Reichstag.

Brief History

It opened in 1894 to house the Reichstag – Germany’s parliament. Its historical significance is due to the Reichstag fire of 1933 which served as a catalyst to propel Hitler’s National Socialists to power. It was only refurbishes in the 1960s after it was certified safe to be user again.

Its used to symbolize the reunification of Germany as its becomes the home of Germany democracy. The dome was only added in 1990, led by a British architect, Normal Foster.


Types of tour available

  1. Dome & Roof Terrace visit – you take a large glass elevator to the top of the building wander out onto the roof terrace then listen to an audio tour as you walk up and then down the spiral ramp. I suggest you do this at least 2 weeks in advance.
  2. 90 minutes guided tour – teaches you about the functioning of German parliamentary as well as history and architecture of the building, as well as the dome visit. We suggest you do this at least a month in advance of your visit.


How to book the tour

It is now compulsory to register ahead of time. Registration is free on the website:

Once you’ve submitted the form on the website, you will get another email with a link on it. Follow the link and then fill our another form with names and dates of birth of everyone in your party. You can turn up on the day, but it is not recommended, particularly if you are not in Berlin for long. If you do this, there is a small possibility of getting put into an open slot at least 2 hours and up to 2 days for when you request it. This must be done in person.


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