Family Holiday in Amman

I visited Amman back in 2006 as my grandparents were living there at the time. We stayed in their house for 2 weeks and during that time, we had a chance to view Jordan’s most iconic sights. Apart from visiting family and friends, these are just some of the things we got up to:

  • Camping With Bedouins in Wadi Rum

I was really looking forward to camping with the bedouins in Wadi Rum as i’ve never camped in the desert! We rode on the camels to the camp which was a fun activity in itself. We arrived at the camp and settled into our tents. I shared a tent with my brother, which i found out later in the evening to be a terrible mistake.

Afterwards, we joined our group, sat around, ate some food and then chatted all evening. At night, electricity is rationed and so there is not much to do. However, everyone in the group all sat in the a circle around the fire and we all got up dancing, singing, telling stories and drinking tea until the early hours of the morning.

Once i did get she sleep, i had a massive nose bleed in the middle of the night due to its being too hot. I had no light to see where the tissues are and so i woke my brother up (and half the tents around us). All he did was laugh, so it resulted in me throwing a strop, lying down on my back and waiting for it to stop. Apart from that incident, it was an unforgettable and peaceful experience.

  • Floating in the Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea was an experience i remember to this day. Its such a unique travel experience that Jordanians are very proud of.

The Dead Sea has a very high salt content due to it being 430m below sea level, which causes it to evaporate much faster than usual. Because of this, no life can survive it and you are can’t snorkel/dive or submerge your head in the water – because you will come straight back up – the only thing you can do is float!

However, because of its very high salt levels, it will be excruciatingly painful if you have eczema. My sister suffers from rather extreme eczema and was wailing with pain, forcing her to get out.

After floating in the sea – it was time to get muddy! The mineral-rich Dead Sea mud is famous for its healing properties as it can cure hundreds of myserteous skin ailments. Even though it hurt my sister, she left it on for 20 minutes (recommended time) before heading to the sea to washout. Surprisingly, the eczema dried up and flicked right off. It really was the most amazing medicine for her.

  • Walking into Petra

I was so impressed by Petra. It took us quite a long time to arrive to the Treasury. The long, winding path is 1.2km long and took us around 40 minutes to walk it as well as taking pictures. Half way through, i was definitely questioning if we’d ever make it out as the walk seemed to be going on forever.

The Treasury looked amazing as well the groovy sandstone. There were many magical moments in Petra as its beauty came out in all its glory.

  • Smoking Shisha in the Old Town

We explored the Old Town by foot and walked through its cobbled streets. We spent most of our evenings here smoking shisha, chatting to the people around us and relax. As its much cooler in the evenings, the whole city comes alive until the early hours of the morning.

  • Going Back in Time in Jerash Roman Ruins 

Out of all the views in Jordan, my favourite was Jerash and seing the ancient city’s colonnade in the foreground with the modern city in the background. These ruins in Jerash are one of the most impressive in the Middle East but due to the fact these ruins dont have UNESCO World Heritage Status, they are almost unheard off.

Jerash was a strategic trading point with Damascus on the north, Amman to the south and Jerusalem to the west. This city only rose to prominence in the first century AD but began to decline after the Persian invasion of 614. Today, it is Jordan’s second most visited sight, after Petra.


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