International Electoral Symposium Work Trip

I don’t usually talk about my 9-5 job in this blog but I work for a political consultancy in London and we had a chance to host and attend an electoral symposium in Troia, just outside Lisbon. The 16th International Electoral Symposium is where we showcased election solutions and shared insights on election modernization best practises and latest technology trends with high-ranking election officials coming from all over the world. 

In May 2018, we addressed the following topics:

  • Current and Future Electoral Technologies
  • Youth Voter Participation
  • Elections and Disabilities
  • Gender Equality and Political Empowerment of Women
  • Building transparency and accountability in elections
  • The impact of training in the electoral process
  • Biometric – enrolment, identification & verification solutions
  • The value of the vote – equality in the value of votes
  • Security seals, labels, indelible ink and ballots for elections

It was an extremely busy few days with a lot of 2am meetings and getting up at 6am to ensure everything is running smoothly.

We stayed in Troia Design Hotel and it was stunning! Even though it was a super busy few days – i made sure i had a quick dip in the infinity pool!

On the third day, the Electoral Commission of Portugal kindly put together a traditional show and a three course meal for us and the election officials. There were some folk dancing, live music, Fado singing and some delicious music! It was a night to remember… 

After all of the hard work, the electoral commission wanted the delegates to see the best of Lisbon – I already had a chance to see Lisbon the weekend before, but it was a good one-day tour. The highlight of the day was having lunch in a hill-top monastery called Convento da Arrabida. Ive dedicated an entire post about my visit here as i just loved it!

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