A Day Trip to the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

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Montenegro is a very popular day trip from Dubrovnik. That’s exactly what we did in our family vacation to Dubrovnik and boy are we glad we did! The high mountains, fjords and beautiful beaches give you a completely different scenery from Croatia. 

We rented a car for the day as it allowed us to have complete freedom on our timings for the day – but if that’s an option for you, there many tour groups and buses you could take. 

The best deals on rental cars are at the Dubrovnik airport. The border taking 20 minutes to drive to and then from the border to Kotor, it takes about an hour.

We drove around the bay, taking our sweet time and stopping for pictures along the way! Just look how beautiful it all is. 

Our first stop was the Old Town in Kotor which is the main tourist zone. We stopped by the information desk and asked for a suggested itinerary.

After some lunch, we went to explore the old town of Kotor. I loved the thick gate at the entrance of the city and its interesting carvings inside.

We wondered around the old town and long narrow alleyways – there were cats everywhere!

We went inside St Nicholas Church which was really beautiful. 

St. Tryphon was the biggest, most grand church we saw in Kotor.

If you have time, I would recommend hiking the hill overlooking the city as the views are apparently great! 

I definitely want to go back and explore more of Montenegro as admitedetelly, its not a country I know much about. I was pleasantly surprised by its beauty and calmness.

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