The Controversial Tradition: Bullfighting in Marbella

Bullfighting (“Corrida de Toros”) is another symbol of Spanish culture and has a very ancient history. They are particularly predominant in the south of Spain and during the feria season – August. This was the first time I went to a bullfight because even though I knew it was controversial, I just wanted to see for myself and then judge whether I like it or not. 

It was interesting, yet gruesome. There was something about it that drew me in – like slowing down when you pass a car accident; you shouldn’t look, but you just do – you cant help it! Your curiosity got the best of you. That’s exactly how I felt about it. After watching the bullfight, I think that they are cruel, violent and totally barbaric. BUT, they are a tradition and I do appreciate that it can be seen as an art that takes skill and technique to perform.

If you decide to watch it, I guess my only advise is, just be mentally prepared for what you are about to see. 

The guy who fights the bull is called a torero, and in Spain, they are treated like rock stars. In the ring, they wear the red cape whereas the others would wear magnet and yellow capes (the bulls are colourblind so it makes no difference to them). The torero also wears a traditional outfit called a trade de luces (suit of lights). Its an extremely brightly coloured right capri pants and a top and jacket – covered in gold and frilled. Its topped off with hot pink tights and black flats.

The first step it making the bull run around for a while and then two men on horseback eventually come out. The horse is heavily padded and its eyes are covered so they don’t see the bull.

They then make the bull weaker. The torero enters the ring with his sword and red cape and after doing a few tricks and intricate passes, he kills the bull. The two horses then comes back into the ring and drags the bull out. Its rather horrific and obviously there are more stages in between but i didn’t want to go into detail. By the end of the fight, you would have seen a few bulls being killed.

If the torero performed well, the crowd waves white handkerchiefs. After the fight, people would then go to the local restaurants nearby and eat the bull. Nice :l

Am i glad i went? Yes i am, i think its important to see things for yourself. Would i go again? No thanks.

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