Things to do in Hurghada with the family

In recent years, Hurghada has become Egypt’s premier beach destination thanks to its year-round sunny weather and amazing diving sites. Having been to both Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada – i would say that Hurghada is more authentic in culture and much cheaper!

My family and I visited here in 2011 by accident. By ‘accidnet’ I mean that we travelled to Egypt so that we could go to Gaza Strip, Palestine. Once we got there, the Israeli/ Egyptian authorities closed the border so we were stuck in Egypt for 2 weeks. We decided to book a stay in Hurghada Marriott Beach Resort. Obviously the situation was far from ideal and we would have loved to have spent Ramadan with our family back home, but we had to make the best of our situation. With some last minute research, we discovered some of the main things to do in Hurghada.

Relax on the beach! 

The best thing to do in Hurhgada is to relax on the amazing beach and swim in the Red Sea. To this day, I still remember the fun we had on the beach and how we spent hours just talking and chilling in the warm sea. 

There are also plenty of sea sport activities you can do!

Take a Submarine Boat Trip

As the Red Sea is one of the main attractions in Egypt, it is definitely worth going underwater (either by diving or submarine) to see its colourful fish and bright corals. We toured with a company called Sindbad Submarines and they took us down 22m underwater. After submerging, a diver swam alongside the boat in order to bait attract wrasses, groupers and parrotfish. It was really fun! 

Ride a Camel

When in Egypt, you can’t miss the chance to go camel riding and experience the desert landscape from the back of a camel!  Even though its not the comfiest of rides, it was a fun experience.

Go Quad Biking in the Egyptian Desert

We went on the Quad Biking Safari tour mostly for my brother and fathers sake – but it ended up being so much better than i though. We were taken by minibus to the desert and then met with the other tourists. We were then shown to the ATV, how it works and then we went off in a convoy together.

We drove across the dunes of an Egyptian desert by Quad Bike and saw a desert mirage.

Having Dinner at a Bedouin Camp

After the ATV ride, we went to a Bedouin camp and learnt about life there. It was just in time to watch the sunset before dinner. 

The local Bedouins then sang and danced around the camp fire. 

El Dahar (Hurghada Old Town) 

North of Hurghada’s luxury resorts lies the Old Town of El Dahar where you’ll find the city’s most authentic restaurants and shops. One of the highlights of the trip is visiting a traditional Egyptian souk that’s crammed with shops selling leather, copper, shisha pipes and spices. 


We stayed at Marriott Beach Resort and it was a great stay – luxurious yet affordable for a family.

Do you have any questions about travelling to Hurghada that I didn’t answer? Be sure to leave them in the comments, and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible 🙂


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