Review: Reef Safari Tour with Mason Travels

We got up bright and early to have our breakfast and then went on a booked tour with Mason’s Travels for their trademark Reef Safari to St. Anne National Marine Park. The Marine Park was established in 1973 – first of six in Seychelles. The tour started by us going into the boat to just sunbathe in our swimming gear which they were taking us to the first stop of the tour.

Mid-journey, the boat stopped so that we could feed the tropical fish surrounding the boat. We threw pieces of bread overboard and watched the fish eat them up in no time. The child in me came out as it was just so gleeful to watch!

We then hopped abroad a semi-submersible vassal for a closer look at the rich coral life below the surface. 

Admittedly, there wasn’t a huge variety of fish and I was definitely more impressed by my experience in Hurghada and the Red Sea – but it was still amazing to watch the brilliantly coloured fish. We then went back to the boat and had an hour-long snorkelling session in the middle of the ocean. We all know I’m not a fan of snorkelling (especially when someone in the boat throws a piece of bread next to you) but it was spectacular to see the whole new world down there.

This was followed by a traditional Seychellois BBQ lunch on the deck. The crewmen were the stars of the moment as he was prancing about with his guitar and singing some wonderful melodies while we sat and devoured the scrumptious food. 

Soon after, we took an inflated speed boat and made our way to the stunning Moyenne Island. The tour guide told us how the island was completed abandoned and inhabited up until 1962 where Englishman by the name of Brendon Grinshaw bought Moyenne Island for £8000. He stayed there with his friend and the pair of them planted more than 15k trees and built 4.8km of walking trails. They also brought and bred Giant Tortoises which we were fortunate enough to visit. It is now known as the island with more species per square foot than any other part of the world! 

We also visited old ruin sand pirate graves. 

The day ended with a tropical cocktail and a leisurely cruise around the Marine Park before returning to Mahé.

If you find yourself in Seychelles and looking to participate in exciting activities -my husband and I really enjoyed our tour with Mason Travels and would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone! It was really punctual, organized and you are well looked after. They also offer a bunch of options throughout the island group. 

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