Vegas’ main strip is literally “Disney for adults” – it has plenty of adult attractions with everything seemingly made with purpose. We had the most amazing 3 nights and 4 days here.  We thought that this was the perfect amount of time to see the top tourist sites and get a little crazy in the clubs/ pool parties. But trust me… after your long weekend in Vegas, you’ll be ready to go home back to normal life or move on to your next city. I LOVED Vegas but it can be over-stimulating and overwhelming. 

Watch my travel video for this trip here!

We arrived in Las Vegas at 4pm, called an Uber and headed straight to the Venetian Hotel. Once we dropped off our luggage in our room, we quickly changed and got ready to start the weekend! 


Day 1: 

Watched a show

As we already had pre-booked tickets, my friend and I had to quickly change our clothes and run to catch the show on time. With a few minutes to spare, and a Frappuccino in hand, we went to Treasure Island to see the Mystere show by Cirque du Soleil. It’s one of eight resident Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas with the others being O, Zumanity, Ka, Love and Michael Jackson: One. Mystere has been around since 1993 and is one of the first Cirque du Soleil show to appear on the strip. I loved the fact that this particular show has the most audience participation. The entertainment began even before the show started. Everything was just incredible – from the costumes, bright lights, music and to the performance. There were high energy acrobats which had me on the edge of my seat! I never quite appreciated how flexible the human body can be (eeeek?!). 

I was blown away. I definitely recommend catching one of the amazing stage shows Las Vegas has on offer – there is a show for every taste.  

The Dorsey in Venetian Las Vegas

As my friend and I were quite tired from the travelling – we decided to stick with just going to a cocktail bar for the first night. We decided to go to The Dorsey which was based in the hotel we were staying in. It had the most beautiful aesthetics as the interior design included a rich combination of oak, leather and marble. Even though it is located on the casino floor, it still offered an intimate and lively atmosphere. 

It was meant to be an early night but was far from it! The music was old school R’n’B and so we were just dancing away the whole night!

Day 2: 

Breakfast – Go Greek Yoghurt

It must have been the excitement of being in Vegas that got us all up early and buzzing to go. We put our swimming cozzies on and walked around the huge hotel to find some breakfast. As we wanted something relatively light, we found ‘Go Greek Yogurt’. I can’t even describe how delicious this was. They describe themselves as the “Rolls Royce of Yoghurts” and you can get to choose between fresh or frozen yogurt and then add toppings including fresh fruit and superfoods such as goji berries, shaved dark chocolate, flax seeds, hemp seed, toasted coconut and cacao nibs. It tasted so good!!

Pool day

After grabbing some breakfast, we went over to our hotel’s pool where there were a number of different sized pools, loungers and daybeds. It felt like a contemporary, luxurious oasis! As my wedding was soon approaching, relaxation and getting a san tan was my goal and so I was content with just lounging on the pool chairs and dipping into the pools when it got too hot. We met some really cool Cubans there and my friends and I were just chatting to them for a while. I just loved the chilled atmosphere and how friendly people were there.

Bridesmaids surprise! 

After a day of tanning and relaxing, we went back to the room to get ready for dinner and to start our partying. When I got out of the shower, the girls surprised me by decorating the whole room with some balloons and slightly (or very?) inappropriate balloons. It was so funny; we just danced and took pictures while getting ready. It was one of those moments where I just had to pinch myself to check if I was really in LAS VEGAS, celebrating my hen do with my favourite girls. 

Dinner at the Venetian Hotel 

I know what you’re thinking – ‘its been two days and y’all still haven’t left the hotel!?!’. Trust me though, you don’t even need to – The Venetian and The Palazzo combined host more than 40 restaurants. We had our first Las Vegas dinner at the Grand Canal Shoppes, which are covered by a magical blue-sky painted ceiling, complete with vanilla fluffy clouds. Admittedly, I had to do a double-take a few times to work out if its real or not. We sat outside one of the restaurants so we could enjoy the atmosphere whilst eating a delicious Italian pasta with pesto. 


SO now for the fun part! We started off the night by taking an uber to Kaos. As my cousin knew someone who is a Las Vegas promoter, we were fortunate to skip all of the queues and go right in for free. Most nights, ladies get in for free if you know someone. The day you choose to go to the club, either contact a club promotor in advance if you know anyone or just look out for the guys walking around in nice outfits asking you to come on their guest list. You will find them either in front of the club or wandering around the Las Vegas Strip. 

Kaos is an outdoor club and was by far, my favourite out of all the clubs we went to. It was just the most perfect clubbing night as the weather was amazing, the atmosphere was on point, the music was great (Latin R’n’B reggaeton) and it wasn’t too crowded so you have room to dance (I know, I’m getting old…). The highlight of the night was seeing Bad Bunny. Admittedly, I never actually heard of him until I watched him live but now I’m obsessed with his music! So good… 

After a few hours, we wanted to see a few other clubs – none were as impressive as Kaos. The last club we went to was XS where we watched Chainsmokers perform live. Everything about Las Vegas clubs is so extra and over the top, but we EMBRACED it. Xs was another outdoor club with a cool swimming pool in the middle. After dancing away for an hour, we went back to the hotel and slept like a baby. 

Day 3:

Day Pool Party! 

After waking up quite late – we spent the last full day going to Las Vegas legendary day clubs. These clubs typically open around 11am and get packed very quickly! I don’t remember the name of the day club we went to – but it was good. I just remember being randomly pulled around the pool in an inflatable sun bed and people giving me a high 5 and their top tips of being in a relationship/ married as I was the bride-to-be. Totally random but it was hilarious! 

The pool party was good fun and definitely recommended if you find yourself in Vegas – just make sure to research the best pool parties ahead of time! 

Dinner at Lavo 

We went back to the hotel and got dressed up ready for dinner. We had a reservation at Lavo, which is right off the main entrance at The Palazzo. Its Italian food is meant to be some of the best that you’ll find on the Vegas Strip. The menu at Lavo is more extensive that you’d expect to see at a fine dining establishment but everything from the pastas to the chicken dishes are delicious (from what I tried and could see). 

Walk down the strip 

I actually left my friends at the restaurants as they weren’t up for walking down the strip. The travel blogger in me knew that I couldn’t leave Las Vegas without at least walking down the strip to check out the awesome hotels and water fountains. 

The most memorable displays are the Bellagio Fountains which goes off every 15-30 minutes and the volcano outside the Mirage which erupts on the hour from 6pm to 11pm. Luckily, i was able to catch both – its worth the wait 🙂

After another night of clubbing and dancing the night away, we went back to the hotel and called it a night. Las Vegas exceeded my expectations by far. My mum told me that I’d either love it or hate it but she was the one who encouraged us to go to Vegas as she had a blast when she went there before I was born. Thanks Mama G for the recommendation! Saying that though, after partying/ exploring Las Vegas for 3 days – you’ll be ready to head back home for some much-needed rest.  


The most memorable part of the Las Vegas trip for me was the accommodation. Whether its your first time in Las Vegas or 100th time, you will want to find a hotel along the Las Vegas Strip for the 3 days you’re there. When I refer to “The Strip”, the means the four-and-a-half-mile strip of hotels and casinos along Las Vegas Blvd. The area is competitive with luxurious and unique hotels, fitting every country you can think of. If you like Egypt, stay at the Luxor which is shaped as an Egyptian pyramid and has a strobe light that (supposedly) can be seen from space! Like Venice, stay The Venetian for some of the best Italian food in the world and a grand canal weaving through the casino. You get the idea… 

We ended up choosing The Venetian which is one of those colossal hotels you cant miss on The Strip. This lavish, Italian-themed hotel was absolutely stunning with its own replica Rialto Bride, gondola canals and stunning intricate ceilings. It towers 36 stories high with 4049 rooms. I was blown away by The Venetian’s lobby ceiling! It was a magnificent painted fresco modelled after Michaelangelo’s masterpiece ceiling in the Vatican’s Sistene Chapel. Jaw dropped. 

Have you travelled to Las Vegas? Leave me your comments below…

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